143 by Seiichi


In support of his first EP “Felix Culpa,” Seattle-based musician Seiichi has released the second single, “143.” According to the singer, the song tells the tale of a long-lost love that is rekindled and subsequently rediscovered, albeit under less-than-ideal circumstances. An authentic sense of appreciation for an experience that others might otherwise regret or feel shame for is revealed in the silent introspection during moments of sacrilege and longing.

Seiichi is a Seattle-based singer, songwriter, and producer who has made a name for himself in the music industry. A lot has been said about this multi-talented Japanese-American artist in the last year.

CLOUT, PopFad, and The Luna Collective all gave the EP’s debut single “Excuses” rave reviews when it was released. Robert Lang Studios in Seattle served as the recording location for the EP. KT Pipal (Blink 182, Of Monsters and Men, Gorillaz) mixed it, while Matthew Wolk (Masters of Reality) mastered it (Dempsey Hope, Sam Lachow, Sol). On the 23rd of July, Seiichi performed at the Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle’s finest music festival. A release party is also planned for September at Seattle’s Royal Room to celebrate the release of his new EP.

A new and exciting sound is unveiled with the release of ‘143’. His versatility in utilising elements of conventional pop with bedroom-pop, shows that Seiichi has plenty of promise as a rising artist. This song’s inherent appeal is due to his insightful and emotive delivery. Seiichi’s voice is enhanced by a stripped down mellow guitar accompaniment, which sets the tone for the delicate vocals. Sincerity and simple production come together in Seiichi’s music to make an intimate atmosphere that is sure to move you.


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