A Silent Scream by S J Denney


Since the release of his 2017 album ‘Then Again’, S J Denney has released numerous singles and EPs, including ‘Forgotten Friends’, ‘An Island of Clouds, and ‘Beneath The Skin’. From there, he has demonstrated a desire to evolve and experiment with his songwriting. “A Silent Scream,” written and arranged by S.J. Denney and produced by the artist himself, is an excellent example of the artist’s willingness to grow and improve.

S J Denney is a singer-songwriter based in the UK. He began as a choirboy before learning to play the clarinet. He fell in love with rock music in his early teens after discovering vinyl copies of The Beatles’ “White Album” and Neil Young’s “Harvest.” These two albums continue to be among his favorites. Led Zeppelin, Talk Talk, Paul Weller, and Jeff Buckley are a few additional notable influences.

This single demonstrates that not only has he improved his lyrical qualities but also his musical arrangements have become more experimental.

The guitar seizes and retains your attention until the song ends. The lyrics will not alter the world, but that is not their purpose. They are unpretentious, sweet, and sincere. The extravagant tone of the performance was what piqued my interest in the artist’s hypnotic aesthetic.

The progression of the guitar riffs and lyrics created an enthralling glimpse into the artist’s musical identity. This is one of many instances in which Denney explores introspective and personal themes in his songwriting; however, this song’s euphoric melodies make it an almost ideal pick-me-up.


According to the artist, the song is about a person who appears to be happy on the outside but is quietly burning on the inside. It features a beautiful evolution of production, beginning with a simple acoustic pattern and developing into an arresting experience with bombastic windpipe sections and exhilarating melodies.


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