Farnborough, UK-based artist CARΔAMO is releasing his next album “ANDROGENISE”, a genre-bending journey of self-exploration that the artist aims to take everyone on board and travel uncharted waters together.

CARΔAMO, Cardamon Rozzi is telling his life story through this album across 13 songs…

The seed that came to be the album is courage, courage in being vulnerable and in writing his life story with music and song…and exploring how he came to be part of the people’s lives that surround him… in this journey, Cardamon is not leaving anything out…he’s exploring many genres, many sounds, many conceptual approaches…he’s not saying he’s an artist who does this genre or that…

…he’s a melting pot of basically all genres…

You will find pop, ethnic, dance, electronic, heavy, avant-garde, hip-hop, Latin, drum’n’bass…I can literally go on and mention almost all genres…the album is really a self-exploration to not just the artist within himself…but to anyone who joins Cardamon on this journey.

You’ll get drum N bass with a mix of ambient on his song “Frogs are more precious than Diamonds”…and let me say the naming of all the tracks are also unique and out of the box…CARΔAMO really put effort into each and every element of this album.

…then you’ll enjoy a trip to the 90s electronic dance music with CARΔAMO’s “CARAMELLDANSEN”…which the lyrics might be in Swedish actually!

I’m telling you, “ANDROGENISE” is an unleashed album, bending and melting all barriers of any kind…there are no limitations on what CARΔAMO is capable of, or what he’s explored and tried out…this is the courage we talked about, the seed that bloomed into this album.

Adding to the mix…when you check out the song “SCREAM ABOUT”…which comes in early in the album…you’ll be greeted with an oriental oud…a stringed instrument similar to the western guitar, but it is a fretless instrument.

“ANDROGENISE” is everything you can think of and everything that you couldn’t even think of…it is a journey of self-exploration for anyone who comes across it and experiences it.

We wish all the best to CARΔAMO and we can’t wait to see what he has next to the world.



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