Album: Blow My Cover by Ajay Mathur


Swiss award winning composer, singer and songwriter Ajay Mathur chooses and excellent topic for his latest album “Blow My Cover”…it’s about trust…and backs it up with an excellent fusion of acoustic, pop and rock…a very tasteful musical experience that is not to be missed.

The album, inspired by artists like The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and David Bowie, features 13 interpretations from various genres, including folk, jazz, classical, and rock. Ajay contacted 25 musicians worldwide to ask them to interpret his previously released songs, without any specific style or timeline. 

With his stunning attention to details, Ajay worked with the Grammy-winning mixing engineer Austin Asvanonda to create a stunning 3D binaural soundscape for the album, aiming to create a unique intimacy for the listeners, allowing them to immerse themselves in this grand musical and lyrical performance.

“Blow My Cover” is an acoustic masterpiece…with 13 songs that are filled with unique melodies, movement and emotions…but all stem from the same musical DNA of Ajay…and with his unique melodic charisma, Ajay manages to always keep things fresh and unique…giving each song a unique identity and fill it with life with his mesmerizing vocal performance…

…taking us from the melanchonic melodies and harmonies of “Pennies To Gold”, to the piano and strings ballad of “For A Friend Of Mine”…to the exotic ethnic sounds of “Ordinary Memory”…to the parisian melodies of “Comedian”…Ajay solidified his status as a master composer with many shades of many colors…

…always hitting the emotional bullseye through his stunning melodies, Ajay really raised the bar…

…and with each of his songs, not only does he captures the essence of a specific emotional motif, but he masters it to an extremely authentic extent…every song sounds and feels very alive and real.

Does that stop Ajay from going for an experimental artistic route? No…actually his “My World” song is quite an avant garde piece of art…unconventional ethnic beats, rhythms, the includsion of electric guitars, narration and a very one of a kind vocal character…what an experience…

The album continues to surprise with every song…one hit after the other…

Ajay gives the world a the complete package, a story of emotions that touches the heart.

We wish all the best to Ajay…and we can’t wait for the next musical adventure from the brilliant artist.



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