Album: Through the Rain by Rebecka Molander


Rebecka Molander returns with a sensual director’s cut EP of chill, seductive, easy-listening jazz that’s soothing and lush—a true pleasure to the senses.

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Rebecka Molander has been stunning audiences for a decade with her distinct smoothness. Smooth songwriting, arrangements, and smooth, delightful singing shine the light of a sensational diva upon Rebecka, while her reflective lyrics show her as a human being with vulnerabilities, someone we can relate to. ‘Through the Rain’ has a sound that’s calm for the most part. Like approachable pop, but with a richness that’s courtesy of Rebecka’s lush vocal timbre, her restrained and understated piano playing, her backing band, composed of a full-sounding bass, tight and functional percussion, and varied guitars that soar to rock you when needed, and swoon seductively when needed, acoustic or electric.

This EP is built of 6 songs, each one with its own memorable and distinctive charm that’s most soothing and gentle, with the possible exception of ‘Good Love’, which takes a decidedly more rocking path. Starting with a stunning piece of semi-modal jazz. ‘Through the Rain’ sounds exotic and lush with its warm-sounding verses, and familiar, sweet chorus, the composition is rounded and complete, just enough to lend the song a mystique, but not overcomplicate things. The title song is nice and serene, with finger snaps for rhythm and a stellar acoustic guitar solo. ‘Get Gone’ is expansive and airy. With a reggae-inspired beat, and an extremely tight-sounding snare, the song is sensual and the lyrics are confrontational, all in anticipation of the short chorus that sounds otherworldly with its grandiose-sounding pair of chords.

‘Good Love’ sits somewhere between soft rock, and just rock. The slow tempo is inviting and the verses are gentle as whispers, before a surprising and short chorus that features succulent bass licks. The song is built on a guitar and bass riff that features light, but effective, syncopation, with a crisp sounding and invigorating overdriven guitar solo. ‘Timeless Love’ captures the mystique of the first, and titular, cut, but this time spins it with a lilting, melodic sweetness that sets it apart. This song is decidedly gentle and jazzy, with a terrific bass arrangement, a ride-heavy drum work, and a guitar that remains polite for the most part, but strains at the leash occasionally, injecting the arrangement with energy. 

Rebecka Molander’s director-cut EP is a delight for English-speaking audiences, but those of us who dig Rebecka’s music will be more than eager to check her other songs in Swedish, even if we can’t understand a word. Her soft voice, restrained approach to song arrangements and unique-yet-familiar compositions are more than enough to draw massive audiences, which she will undoubtedly be able to achieve with the help of this masterful release.


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