Bergamo by Spence Paull


Spence Paull drops a new single that’s as easy to love as it is nicely put together as it is filled with delicious musical intricacies that show on full display as an artist who is in total control of their sound and craft.

Bergamo is the title of the Vancouver-based pop artist Spence Paul’s latest single. A song spurred on by an intense love story that started and stayed online for 6 months, before it took Spence all the way from Canada to Italy, where the song was born. The sweet lyrics describe a beautiful relationship in which the 2 parties are the missing puzzle pieces in each other’s lives.

“You can cook and I can clean, and you can reach the shelves that are just too high for me”, and “Cut your keys and write you lyrics, bet my dog would like you better. Ain’t no storm that we can’t weather, I’d go with you when and whenever,” says Spence to her partner, expressing how much she found in her something that she’s been looking for. Spence Paull’s voice is a commanding tenor that’s deep and rich, making anything she says sound grand and dramatic, but that’s not to downplay the nuances of her performances on Bergamo, which feature challenging melodic jumps and register changes that highlight how much of a capable singer she is.

The production on Bergamo is crisp and delightful, perfectly poppy, and the composition is also easy on the ears while incorporating a few unexpected chords that add lush coloration, which was essential to making the single stand out as it turned out to be.

Bergamo is a beautifully written, sung, and produced ode to a romance that spans half the world round. Completed by Spence Paull’s memorable vocal timbre and performance for a final result that deserves a place in romantic pop heaven.



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