Cali Sand by Nikhail Asnani


There’s a kind of yearning that only immigrants and travellers know about, which is missing their hometown and how everything there made them feel, whether it was serenity or bustle, hot or cold weather, or friendly or firm people, because it’s not about all of that; it’s about a feeling of belonging. In his single “Cali Sand,” Nikhail Asnani portrays love and longing for California through an upbeat rhythm and an emotional performance.

Nikhail Asnani is a one-man show! He has a whole package of talents, and he aces them all. A director, writer, and light painter in addition to the ability to execute fine pieces of music, like “Cali Sand” here.

“Cali Sand” carries the characteristics of Nikhail Asnani. You can hear and feel the cinematic ambiance and the colors in the nuances here and there, and you can also be immersed in the witty writing that paints quite a picture of the artist’s nostalgia and huge desire to go back to California. Even the song’s artwork showcases Nikhail’s versatile artistry.

The single’s theme is melancholic, but the Hong Kong-based artist managed to give it a vibrant spirit with its bright musicality, adding a dramatic flavor with the poignant key notes. The pop song features bouncy electronic elements and engaging dance touches that make the beat wash away any sadness. Nevertheless, the vocals keep the balance between the vulnerable sentiments and the lush instrumentation.

This is an organic piece that deserves appreciation. Nikhail Asnani is a multitalented artist who knows how to show what he has up his sleeves in a musical piece.


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