Certified lover boy by BoyBoy


Fresh outta Perth, Australia a hip-hop artist goes with the name Boyboy, his music is categorized in the feel-good music that beams out of his songs with his soulful vocals. He is releasing a new single of the year 2022 on the 17th of May called “Certified lover boy” which has a really cool and breezy vibe that can wave your body to it.

He delivers a feeling that is similar to lofi music that stimulates dopamine in your brain, his vocals, and the rhythmic beats are the main characters that play in producing his music and that is what made “Certified lover boy” talks about love and emotions that we all are so common in those feelings that he can connect through the music. Having to chill while listening to this song is what makes it special and has a unique vibe to it that gets you going with the flow of the beats.

Listening to some other of the songs he produced, it all has the same vibe to them like “Old School,” “LTPF,” “RIP,” and “INTERFERE: Two-Part Series” collaborating with Stan Cavier and Sowdy accomplishing the same mix of vibes, he also, did a similar vibe to the song “Simmerdown” which has a mix of different songs adding his own soulful touch to it and making it slow and cool to the listeners.

Hopefully, I’ll be keeping an eye for every and each release this guy produces, the vibes never miss hitting my brain with that dope music he makes. Give his music some space in your daily mornings or evenings with a cup of tea.


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