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Grant Nesmith, a musician from Myrtle Beach, is taking inspiration from the surroundings to another level. In his latest single, “Days,” he utilizes nature, music, lyrics, and his own voice to take us on a sunny journey on the perfect spring day at the beach.

The singer/songwriter, Grant Nesmith has been influenced by bands such as The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Rose City Band, Beachwood Sparks, and that’s obvious on the vintage vibes in the song. “Days” is featured by Blake Monroe-Lead Guitar (on Lead Guitar), Ava Hussey (On Harmony Vocals), Ed Dennis (on Electric Guitar), Engineer Ken Thomas (On Drums). 

“The song is about Myrtle Beach’s landscape and how we go on from day to day while seasons slowly change. Living on the coast, you see a lot of crazy things in the sky over the Atlantic Ocean at night.” ― Grant Nesmith

“Days” is the kind of song you close your eyes while listening to and let it give you the best daydream. The sun, the fresh air, the sound of the waves, the sand feeling, and the best summer memories; the perfect picture smoothly gets painted into your brain and leaves a satisfied smile on your face.

A gleaming intro featuring delicate guitar riffs opens the song. It gets joined by upbeat drums and the sunny, warm, mellow vocals and solid bass lines. All the elements of the single are like colors; each is good on its own, but together they result in an irresistible painting that everyone would like. It’s all combined to create the desired atmosphere and the ideal scene in your head.

The first step in planning your summer vacation is to add “Days” to your road playlist.


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