Deb’s by The Wanton String Band


Do you ever find yourself craving some blazin’ fiddles? Well, same.

The Wanton String Band is a British collective of Folk artists who play dense renditions of traditional Celtic Folk, with overdriven fiddles and overblown percussions, or maybe a piece of murder folklore, to a face-melting synth-based backing. It’s all so exciting!

The band goes back to 2013, with roots extending even further backward. They have all been parts of Folk bands around the UK before forming The Wanton String Band, with one big concept in mind, turning these ancient Folk tunes all the way up to 11.

Deb’s is just that. A lengthy intro sets a haunting vibe with brooding cellos and melancholic mandolins, playing complementary melodies. The beat then kicks in, along with all the fiddles. What follows is nearly 5 minutes of musical fireworks. The fiddle melodies are fast-paced and momentous, doubling on the mandolins at times to an even bigger sound. The beats are solid and provide a perfectly steady backbone on which all of the talented instrumentalists do their magic. 

This lengthy piece rocks hard on a traditional Celtic Folk base. A nice combo that’s executed to an astonishingly high standard. Come to think of it, this piece might be for more people than just those who find themselves craving blazin’ fiddles.


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