Diversity by Akosch Warga


Have you ever heard music that terrified you and at the same time felt wonderful? This is what happened to me when I heard the music composed by composer and producer Ákos Zságer-Varga or as he is known as Akosch Warga in the most recent piece I dropped “Diversity”, it might leave something strange in your head.

Wonderful music that fills you with pleasure does not have to be joyful, and this is what “Diversity” assures us, its tones coming from a world with a dark atmosphere will take you to a place you may not have imagined before, or you thought that music can do to you as you will do this piece.

A diverse mix of musical elements blended with the mindset of the masterful Berlin-based composer, featuring a Hungarian element playing the Bulgarian gadulka, and an Israeli voice appearing in an Arabic sentence to a slow hip-hop rhythm laced with clear electronic elements.

Perhaps Warga will deceive you at first that there is an electronic error and that the track is finished before it begins, but it is only an opening that paves the way for the electronic waves that will attract us with gloomy steps on a beat-like sound made of bass and electronic drum, to a deep, high-rise, dark cave world that is almost visible It’s your hands, you keep walking and you don’t know why, despite what some lightning electronic waves do to you, maybe because the music has cast a spell on you, the Bulgarian instrument tones appear to give a more terrifying and sad cover with the support of a piano key, the bass appears clearer while the mix continues and quickly A wind instrument appears that does not know where it is coming from, accompanied by echoes of a voice that ends with the phrase “nor the lost.” And then you realize that this dark world has swallowed you up, and a light electronic beat accelerates with the appearance of another oriental instrument confirming victory, then the whole melody turns to serve the solo playing of the gadulka that makes you sway from what happened in you as you walk through this world that will end with the dark piano tones.

Some may see in this musical scene a solo theatrical scene performed by only one actor on stage through a modern dance that expresses loss and fear perhaps, and its lighting time will be the third assistant actor after the amazing Warga music.

Akosch Warga has composed many soundtracks for theater in the past 20 years and has played electronic music with the ZAGAR team.

“Diversity” is the second chapter in a trilogy of “Independence, Diversity, and Integrity”, in which Warga believes the world would be a much better place if we paid more attention to these three elements.

If you are not a fan of listening to music without any words and find it difficult to understand or translate its message, Warga will influence you to transform and realize the power of music to influence and control emotions more than words. Try to hear him.