Divine by ŁUКΞ


An effervescent new release from ŁUКΞ that takes europop and turns it on its head for terrific results.

Based in Heilbronn, Germany, ŁUКΞ is the moniker for Lukas Kreuzer. A songwriter and producer whose electrifying sound on his latest single is glitchy, thick, saturated, and heavy. 

The latest single, titled Divine, sees ŁUКΞ utilize some terrific and detrimental sounding synths for astonishing results. The granular soundscapes are dreamy, airy, yet dark and dystopian, beautifully in line with the cover art for the single, loaded with rich and dark violets. The sublime production of Divine is lush and, while sparse in its elements, manages to sound full and complete.

Kreuzer’s sensibilities in vocals and production show why he’s been getting so much praise and attention from fellow producers in Germany and elsewhere. The compression and EQing on those gargantuan synths are done so efficiently and they manage to put them right where they belong, managing to also neatly stack the sensual and delicate vocals alongside them without incident. The coupling of such gentle vocal performances so crisply next to massive, destructive synths manage to give a certain grandeur to the vocal track, making the singer sound invincible and unconquerable.

Divine is rich and lush, streamlined and smooth, and masterfully restrained. Lukas has been honing his craft for nearly a decade, and the results speak for themselves.   


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