Drive by LOVETA


An artist is going big with her beautiful and lush vocals, “Lauren Marshal” Who goes by the name “LOVETA.” She began her music career As an independent artist who releases her singles. The New Zealand-based artist is currently working on her upcoming single “Drive” which she is producing with the Kiwi musician “Wulfie” which is expected to hype up this month’s vibes.

As Lauren previously mentioned that she wrote this during the pandemic, as she missed the freedom and the loving fun nights she spends with her loved ones. It got her to put her words out in this piece with a lot going on in the melodies and lyrics.

The song is all about the summer vibes and the bluest skies that can be seen on those breezy days. The company of your loved one is the feeling needed to have a touch of that tingly sensation that this song will give you.

The incredible melodious music style in this music sends funky, pop elements that get your hips moving to the beat, it’s perfectly in sync with the tunes and connects you to the mood she wants you to build in your emotions.

“Drive” is the perfect go-to on a road trip down the beach, which will open up your mood to the new atmosphere. “LOVETA” is out there making some astonishing songs with her smooth voice and colorful imagination which will get her music career to the next level.


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