Drowning by Sarah Anne Fernandez


A lot rides on the shoulders of debut singles. Needless to explain, they must carry something within, that makes the listeners thirst for more from the artist. So, does Sarah Anne Fernandez’s debut single deliver? Let’s Find out.


New York-based Sarah Anne Fernandez has years for creating impactful music, that can enact a change, even if not grand or global, a personal change suffices, in mind or even in the mood. Drowning, her debut single is an ode to personal anxieties, living with insecurities, and not loving them. That foreboding sense of not feeling okay with oneself is one that will resonate with most of us. With vulnerable words that express that sense of longing for personal peace, Sarah Anne delivers a beautifully eloquent vocal performance, with calculated harmonies, and dynamics that swiftly swell and contract, smoothly, smartly, and masterfully.


Empowered and influenced by Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, among others, Sarah Anne Fernandez follows suit with a distinctive arrangement that keeps things fresh, like the best ones do. For this song, the sweet progression and powerful melodies are supported with characterful, roomy drums that live in the background quite jubilantly, along with a throbbing, consistent bassline that provides a soft cushion, both making the song sound vast and airy, a far cry from the heavily compressed pop that we’ve become accustomed to.


A sensitive cut that displays bountiful musicality from an up-and-coming young pop star. Sarah Anne Fernandez was very successful, and she left us thirsting for more.