Ella se pone (radio edit) by Gabdez


Prolific DJ and producer Gabdez goes hard in his new single ‘ Ella se pone’, an infectious Latin pop dance track that is going to give you the best clubbing experience, on the 30th of December. The release was in a sweet spot in time because the track is super hot and it’s getting really cold out there in the world as we reach the new year. Gabdez is based in Milan after moving from Sicily to pursue collaborations in the big city. He played in cities like Oslo, Shanghai, and Tokyo, making big achievements by opening and closing for international bombs like David Guetta and Claptone.

The track is going to flare you up with heat and good vibes, while also giving you a sexy boost of confidence. It’s playful, moving and hardcore. The overall sound of the song is like moving into a blazing sun. The Latin voice snippets in the song really spice up the track as it starts muffled and rises from low to high. The song is medium-paced, making you enjoy good energy while also feeling everything slowly. The musical arrangement is rich, with a very deep sound and a sexy undertone with an amazing drop every time that makes you go crazy. There is a soundscape that is subtle that keeps building up at the back of the track that introduces an ethereal vibe and a magical aspect with the hardcore hi-hats and very prominent cymbal effect. Gabdez is always producing high-quality music there is just absolutely nothing more to say. We’re always waiting eagerly for his stuff!


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