EP: Dark Storm by Domax


Domax seems to be a force of nature. With 5 Eps and a single already under his belt since he started releasing music in April of 2022, his repertoire is steadily growing at a rather healthy pace, and with solid vision and a stellar production value to back the artist’s genuine passion for creating music, we can not be more excited to dive in headfirst into any new Domax release. 

London based founder of HolyShift, a local record label, Domax is an artist that thrives on building a community and on making music. A productive rampage, Domax is also a guitarist for The Streets and a session musician who has worked with The Sister Sledge, Incognito, and Emile Sande to name a few. On Dark Storm, Domax’s latest 5-track EP we can find a really good display of why Domax’s name is growing, the community around him and his infamy also. The 5 pieces that constitute this EP are easy going, simple, and direct, yet shock full of details that would need a handful of listens to be found and appreciated. From the cool little drum fills to the litany of impactful synth sounds that Domax designed, and then proceeded to carefully place them exactly where they are most needed, the angular lead sound that ends ‘AgainAgain’ is a case in point.

Domax’s music is reminiscent of M83’s older releases, if you’re not in the mood to sob your eyes out. With healthy ambiences, driving grooves, and immersive chord choices, Domax has a unique ability to craft an atmosphere that pulls you entirely in. Take for example the EP’s starting number, and its titular one as well; ‘Dark Storm’ is nearly 6 minutes long and, on paper, it barely introduces any fresh ideas to justify its length, but just because of the grooves, the fills, and Domax’s synthesizer-led soundscapes, we have a great amount of nuance to mull over, getting us easily lost and barely perceptive of the song length. Domax continues to pull off this trick for cut after cut, creating a sense of uniformity that binds the 5 pieces together, and while if you’re not paying attention you can get confused as to when a track ended and another started, a negative point, but put in context, the music on this EP has a strong sense of character that makes the experience wholly immersive, cohesive, and entertaining. 

Wonderfully produced, Domax’s Dark Storm continues an ongoing trend from the artist. As his 6th EP in 18 months, Domax does not seem to be running out of ideas anytime soon. Indeed, the man is preparing his lineup for a live debut in 2024, and with his career as a record producer, his band and session careers as well, I would surely appreciate any time management advice from this man.


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