EP: New Moon by Domax


Artist and multi-instrumentalist Domax released an electronic EP titled “New Moon” on the 9th of February from London, United Kingdom.

“New Moon” is one of a kind in its genre, filled to the brim with lush, smooth, and grabbing synths, and taking the innovative approach of incorporating a live performance on drums into the electronic soundscape, which gives each track an energetic life force, and sounds absolutely gorgeous and captivating.

The melodies constantly evolve, and ideas shift around in each measure of the music, making no two sections -or even two bars- sound the same, yet it maintains its thematic foundation that tells a cohesive narrative through lyrical and experimental melodies. 

The title track from the EP “New Moon” which is also the first one is energetic and bouncy in dynamics, and harmonically hopeful yet cautious at first. It evolves and morphs through sections in a progressive fashion, and at first, listening, I began to wonder if Domax is influenced not only by electronic artists such as Apex Twin but also perhaps by nu-jazz and Jazztronik artists such as Sungazer.

The second track “Origin Theory” is a calmer, more contemplative piece, laden with complex and intriguing harmonies. The melodies, off-kilter drum sound, and little ear candies here make “Origin Theory” so emotionally seductive. While not a conventionally romantic instrumental like some R&B or jazz standards, there certainly is a sound reminiscent of their seductive appeal. Perhaps there are more influences than what first appears.

“Energy Test” is track number three, and it dials the energy just right between the first two tracks, creating a deliberate choice of dynamic variance, and hitting the right spot with the intentionality of where it is placed. There are some chiptune influences here that are blended with industrial, and the mechanical sound is contrasted well against the cheerful melody. This one will surely put you in your happy place.

The second half of the 6 track EP “New Moon” develops more and more on the ideas in the previous songs, throwing in more influences and sounds that keep listeners engaged. Not to spoil any more of this magnificent EP, I’ll just say that “New Moon” kept me on my toes throughout the whole listening experience, and I never knew what to expect.





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