Falling Off the Merry Go Round by Pam Ross


It’s always delightful to see children giggling while they’re swaying on the merry-go-round, and the shiny smiles turn to worried frowns if they fall down. Pam Ross’ “Falling Off the Merry Go Round,” with its melodic blended sound and poignant performance, conveys a way harder kind of child falling, which is the brutally repeated school shootings.

I don’t mind the fact that music can sometimes be just a way of entertaining, nothing more and nothing less. Nevertheless, I believe that it’s a resonating way to send a message, to spread awareness, and to be a voice for the voiceless. The award-winning artist, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, who spent most of her life in Houston and currently resides in North Carolina but considers Nashville her home, is one of these light-in-the-darkness stars who utilize their work for a big cause, which in “Falling Off the Merry Go Round”‘s case is being vocal about school gun terrorism, especially the recent event in Nashville, in a melancholic, poetic manner.

“Falling Off the Merry Go Round” has all it takes to penetrate hearts instantly. Astonishing musicality with smooth sensibility, varying fabrics of flair all weaved together in one neat canvas, profound songwriting that showcases a crucial matter, soulful and emotive vocals that can seamlessly shine through all the elements, and well-executed production that ties all components together without overshadowing any and without marginalizing the message.

Pam Ross is a skilled musician who knows how to give attention to every detail and result in a flawless, touching, and appealing work of art. The instruments are all pure bliss, but I’ve got to fixate on how outstanding the guitar work is! The song discusses devastating events, yet its instrumentation isn’t overwhelming but rather heartfelt and passionate. The Rock, Americana, and Country fusion with a tasty splash of Blues and Jazz build a sonic solace soundscape that is needed, and the lyrics paint a picture of the bittersweet scene of an innocent meeting, not justified violence. Pam’s sentimental vocal line, with tender and sad tones together in a deep, from-the-heart performance, is what gives this realistic potion its magical spark.

I need to end this article by saying that musically, this is a rich song you owe yourself listening to, and humanly, you must, because of what it’s got to say.

“I believe we play a part in making our own Frankenstein through the world we’ve created. Over 175 have died in school shootings since Columbine. As a society, we are failing our children and each other…we are all falling off the merry-go-round.” ― Pam Ross