Footsteps in the Sand by Tales from the Treehouse


“Footsteps in the Sand” is the beginning of the way English composer Andrew Skipper will take his Tales from the Treehouse project, positioning himself with this first single among the makers of the neoclassical composition.

“Footsteps in the Sand” is an adventure packed with emotions; Warmth, whimsy, comfort, calm, and possibly gloom. This makes it so distinctive that it is very similar to the works of Olafur Arnalds as it blends traditional classical elements with electronic elements to create great music.

When you listen to this piece of music, it will take you to a far place in the world of fantasy and solitude. You will feel a relaxed romantic atmosphere when you walk on the edge of the beach as you dig your feet in the sea-soaked sand. The rhythm of its tones leads you to a calm that will permeate the cells of your mind as the cool fresh air permeates the pores of your skin.

As the piano keystrokes rise and the guitars blend with them, you see the water hitting the beach rocks and its mist taking you into feelings of nostalgia and gloom, but soon it is removed by the lively rhythm and musical transitions to return you to the zone of comfort and tranquility.

Tales from the Treehouse is a project with a great future ahead of creativity, and I believe it will give us doses of calm and peace in musical forms as Slow Meadow, and Hammock do so I can’t wait to hear more from it.


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