Heavyweight by TOP NINJA


Rapper TOP NINJA released a hard-hitting trap single and music video for his latest track “Heavyweight” on the 20th of December of last year from Clearwater, United States.

“Heavyweight” mixes the swag and lyricism of old school hip hop, with the production and flows of modern new school, and it motivates even my skinny soul to go and hit the gym.

Like the namesake of the song, “Heavyweight” features heavy and hard drums, thick 808s, and sizzling hi hats that sound like the spinning stars of being knocked unconscious.

TOP NINJA’s delivery of each line is powerful, and drips with confident swag, as his deep voice alone would give you a picture of the impact of his boxing gloves.

The music video is colored in earthy and aqua tones with the vibes of Florida and the west coast. It is an action-packed and stylish music video that highlights a powerful side of TOP NINJA, with grabbing choreography and camera movement in every shot.

“Heavyweight” is a high-quality production by the Florida-based rapper TOP NINJA, with both audio and video offerings delivering a unique and energetically deep performance.



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