Hurts Like Hell by White Dove


Humanitarian artist White Dove released the moving piano pop ballad  “Hurts Like Hell” on the 27th of December of last year from Toronto, Canada.

White Dove is a mysterious artist with a unique initiative for a humanitarian mission. Little is known about the anonymous personality, but we do know that White Dove is a former medic who traveled the world, exploring different cultures and speaking six different languages.

White Dove creates music not for herself, but for those who suffer throughout the world, often taking requests from those who cannot express their struggle themselves in order to be their artistic voice. The artist is not after fame or fortune, but it is her humanitarian message that lies within her music that is the driving force behind her creative efforts.

“Hurts Like Hell” is a powerful song with White Dove’s emotional singing over a moving piano performance. The overdriven guitar solo at the end of “Hurts Like Hell” is heartbreaking in context, given the topic of the song that White Dove sings about.

The song lives up to commercial standards but with no commercial goals in mind. White Dove chooses to remain anonymous in order to shine the light entirely on her message rather than herself.