I Miss the Old You (Instrumental) by Sean David Christensen


Sean David Christensen is a filmmaker and musician living in Los Angeles whose work has been shown at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Pictoplasma Berlin, SXSW, and The Hammer Museum. Christensen is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Center for Visual Anthropology. 

“I Miss the Old You”, is a modern track that feels like a nostalgic classic. It combines elements of folk and jazz in its composition creating a finger-snapping timeless tune reminiscent of Mark Ronson’s re-recording of Valerie featuring Amy Winehouse. It will take you on a journey filled with sorrow and remembrance with an uplifting melody, a tiny amount of guitar, and a smooth trumpet quartet.  

The song is an energizing throwback jazz/funk remix. The trumpets may be the greatest element of the song, as they provide depth and passion to an energetic combination of slide guitar and mellotron, bringing the song to life. As the tune proceeds and the Trumpets intensify, you are rapidly swept up in a maelstrom of emotion, only to be returned to the upbeat, playful tone established at the beginning. 


A stunning tribute to a great genre, this tune earns an 8/10. Honestly, a song like this would be a great addition to a film’s soundtrack.