I’m Not Crazy by Dre Day 100


Via a car, it doesn’t matter if it’s luxury or cheap but it is important to have a pair of really good headphones even if it’s in your ear because this artist from Austin, Texas Drevon Johnson is musically known as Dre Day 100 has dropped his latest single “I’m Not Crazy” that will blow your ears and head and shake every bit in your car.

Dre Day 100 Immerse yourself in the hip-hop music that he loves and bring you from the depths a heavy sound to breathe in your ear with full force, with those words that come out of a person who has exhausted feelings of frustration and anger towards those around him, especially those at work. He is trying hard to ignore this feeling that will lead him to madness in the eyes of others when he turns into a hurricane that hits one of them, but he finds himself facing what forces him to remain calm and ignore what he feels.

Dre Day 100 couldn’t keep the sound inside of him so he went to Sidedoor Studios to record it to a scary and somewhat dancing rhythm, showing some of his personality and the other side of it signed by the hip-hop artist in the continuous flow through the song.

A wonderful synthesis he gave us in “I’m Not Crazy” proves to us how poised and creative he is from a mind-driven crazy by hip-hop. This is what most singers of this genre try to achieve by raising their words to the level of the listener.

Sure, Dre Day 100 doesn’t reinvent anything, but he succeeded in producing music and singing performance that is distinctly different from what he released before, with Dre Day 100 he reflected the anger in very heavy music and a sharp voice and words that come out like bullets in your head, but it’s meant for those customers and co-workers Who likes to knock them down and slap them in the heart of his workplace, and the result is a witty performance that’s fun and simple enough for a hip-hop audience.

There probably isn’t much you can do about the feeling Dre’s having if you were him, but the worst is to keep all that frustration blowing up your head and eating your body and affecting in every way what you love, so find a way to unload this feeling as this artist did in “I’m Not Crazy, creativity emerges from the womb of suffering.

Dre Day 100 is an artist whose talent is growing and on the rise, collecting loyal fans at a fast pace. Because he sings from the heart and expresses life experiences and strong feelings, which makes him enjoy the passion and attraction of the star, so put what he sings in your pocket because you will need it when you feel tired or bored or want to hear something different that changes your mood.



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