Interview With Gxbriel


Gabriel Caceres is a rapper, a creative lyricist, and, at times, a producer who goes by the moniker Gxbriel. She makes music to express herself and get influenced by female empowerment. She’s been in the musical realm writing songs since 2015 but joined the music industry and started releasing her singles in 2021.

It’s always a pleasure to meet emerging artists and talk about how they got here and where they want to go. We’ll chat with Gxbriel about her musical journey thus far, her ambition, and her latest single, “Too Pretty,” which we reviewed.

Interview Questions

  • You’ve said in your EPK: “I’ve always been confident, but never showed that side in a song before.” Why now, deciding on showing it in your single “Too Pretty”? What inspired you to create it?

GX: There were a lot of songs coming out around the time I was beginning to write for my second project where the artist was talking their shit, so I wanted to do the same!

  • You wrote the lyrics to “Too Pretty” and the producer X.O made its beat. What came first, the lyrics or the music?

GX: I was looking at different beats online and found this specific track. After listening to the song I started to form images in my head and then the lyrics came to mind. It took me a couple of hours to write this song.

  • “Too Pretty is a fusion of Experimental, Dark-Pop, and Hip-Hop. Would you say that blend is your sound or that you’re up to trying other genres?

GX: I would say my sound is a mixture of Pop and Hip-Hop all around and then some songs go into different subcategories of the main ones, so that is exciting.

  • It must feel great to express yourself boldly! Can you tell us more about the recording process? Did any amusing incidents happen?

GX: The recording process was really fun! I was with my engineer, “Cloud D” , just having a good time. I just got out of work and went to his studio and hit the road running. I recorded two other songs the same night and we were just having a blast laughing at the bars and appreciating it in its entirety.

  • You began releasing singles in 2021, even though you’ve been writing songs since 2015. What held you back and set your starting point in 2021?

GX: To be honest, I was not confident in my own ability to get behind a mic and have words flow out. I was in a group, AJ6, with my friends air-is-ay and Jazzy Blaze in 2020. During this time period, I was able to find my voice and begin solo work in the wintertime of 2020.

  • You’ve been writing songs since 2015, but what drew you to music in the first place?

GX: Music has always been my number one escape from reality. As I was growing up, I realized that writing songs to help cope with whatever I was dealing with helped a lot.

  • Female empowerment motivates you. Which female artists do you find inspiring in this field?

GX: I would say some of the females that inspire me in this field are Megan Thee Stallion, Monaleo, and Jazzy Blaze.

  • If you could collaborate with another artist, who would you choose and why?

GX: Right now as I am going through heartbreak and sadness, I would love to work with Taylor Swift. She is amazing at capturing feelings in a song and making it last eternally.

  • Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2022 and how do you picture your future?

GX: I am starting the rollout process for my next project! The lead single and opening track for my next project will be out on July 29! The song is titled “Cold” and it’s an open letter to the boy who broke my heart earlier this year. It’s probably one of my personal, walls down songs.