It’s Christmas Party Time by MICK J. CLARK


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to celebrate than with some Christmas music? There are so many great Christmas songs out there, but this year artist extraordinaire Mick J.Clark gives the world his latest release “It’s Christmas Party Time”…a much-needed instant hit that comes at exactly the perfect time.

“It’s Christmas Party Time” has a catchy tune and fun lyrics that will get you in the holiday spirit…it’s upbeat, bright, and happy and it’s a great song to sing along during the cozy family gathering of this time of year.

If you’re looking for a Christmas song to get you in the holiday spirit, look no further, Mick’s got us all covered with “It’s Christmas Party Time”

The song has all the elements that you’d expect from an upbeat Christmas song…and adds a unique twist to it…you’ve got yourself the Christmas bells, the shaker sounds, the sound of people enjoying a great time, and the clinking of glasses…it’s a movie!

Mick always has a story to tell and this time, his story is about Christmas…it captures the warmth of people gathering, whether family, close friends, or maybe people you’ve just met…in all cases, capturing the holiday spirit is not an easy task…but Mick makes it look like it, that’s of course because he’s an extremely established singer-songwriter that keeps expanding his musical charisma across many genres, moods and emotional storytelling…brilliant.

We wish all the best to Mick and can’t wait to enjoy this Christmas season playing his song “It’s Christmas Party Time”…and wishing the best holiday season to every person in the world.



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