John Hughes Movie by MAJESKA


Mixing between the new and the old…the nostalgic and the futuristic…this artistic contrast always caught my heart…especially when it’s done artfully and emotionally with heart…this is exactly what Majeska managed to create with the new single “John Hughes Movie”.

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Majeska created his journey of a song along with producer Jared Corder, mastering engineer Edsel Holden and recorded it at the Polychrome Ranch Studio.

“John Hughes Movie” is the description of a love story, according to Majeska…this is how she describes it…

The musical experience in Majeska’s latest single is very nostalgic, taking us back in time to the 80s…

You know what, it would actually feel right at home in ‘Stranger Things’…yes, that’s it…the neon buzz, the VHS tape effects…” John Hughes Movie” is a love letter to the 80s.

But not everything is a throwback to the 80s…the song has very modern elements that could even be described as futuristic…of course evident in the sound quality, very lush soundscapes, and the absence of an in-your-face drum/beat section…the song is on the subtle side…no hard beats, it’s more of an ambient percussive experience…far away, effective, but far…more of a cinematic usage of the percussive elements.

The experience that Majesk presents with her latest single “John Hughes Movie” is a very laid back, chill, and relaxing experience…a very much needed experience, especially during the time we live in.

Majeska, we wish you all the best in life, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the world next…but we’re sure it’s going to be an absolutely smashing experience.




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