Keyless by Tony Loud Woodz


Philadelphia is ringing with some awesome Rap with a new artist in the making, “Tony Loud Woodz.” He released his single “Keyless,” which is a part of the album, “What The Hell Is This.” It was dropped off on the 4th of February 2022, with a slamming beat that is getting his album up into places and wowing his audience.


Tony is a multi-talented fellow as he has produced and mastered his music, and he also works as a photographer, capturing amazing shots he takes during his sessions (great eye there!) Also, he helps to record other artists’ music in his studio, with the amazing talents Tony innovates and molds into a big hit from his recent album, “WTHIT.”

Tony has a bombing talent with his voice and the vibes he gives as he’s a mix of different famous artists. The track “Keyless” gave me a Kanye electro voice while rapping, quoting, “You keep tryna fight. I keep tryna respond. Every time we fight, I will be tryna rewind. You keep telling lies like you’ll be fine.” Listening to his other tracks is simply banging with dope beats, that are trippy like his releases for “Paradise,” “Swerving,” “Trap” and “Large Amounts,” which have an interesting yet different modern vibe to them using the lyrical that he scripted.

He mentioned in his EPK that the song is about a beautiful, luxurious car as he wanted to make a car commercial. I am overall impressed with the making of this song “Keyless.” A great rapper can sound comfortable over a variety of sounds and production styles, and that comfort points to mastery of many necessary skills for an energetic song that is very striking.

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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