Let Me In by Nikhail Asnani


UK based musician, producer, director, writer and light painter Nikhail Asnani is set to release his latest single “ Let Me In” next week.

His directorial experiences include Flu, Something Round, Playback, The Foal and his one man shows such as My Boyfriend the Boogeyman, and The Check In about gaslighting…and now he’s releasing his musical experience “Let Me In”.

“Let Me In” talks about how Nikhail wants to be accepted in the artistic community and maybe how harsh this can be…however, he’s not quitting and he wants to put the spotlight on the truth, not like others would like to distort it.

For “Let Me In”, Nikhail went for an upbeat musical direction, with summer-sounding synths, pianos, drum beats…and the song is piano focused.

Nikhail also explores and experiments with a couple of performance personas which mixes things up and goes hand in hand with the many melodies that make up the song…”Let Me In” could be actually described as a progressive pop song, which is quite unique and fresh.

The topic that Nikhail discusses here is quite important and insightful, being accepted and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people.

We hope Nikhail’s message reaches everyone and hope it can be the push that drives change.

Nikhail, we wish you all the best in the world.

Looking forward to hearing your upcoming releases.


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