Merry Christmas Darling by D’Artagnan


Amidst the thick smog of turmoil that we all live in, it is quite uplifting that people can still find it in them to anticipate the holiday season that’s right around the corner, and especially if the occasion is as heartwarming and as reassuring as D’Artagnan’s latest single, ‘Merry Christmas Darling’.

D’Artagnan is an absolutely precious artist based in the town of Cheltenham in the United Kingdom. He is a singer, and a songwriter, and along with his brother, the two have made a name for themselves as a singing and dancing duo that would go on and perform in events for such global superstars as Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas. But ‘Merry Christmas Darling’ showcases a different facet of D’Artagnan’s warm artistry.

Christmas songs are common, especially at this time of the year, Christmas love songs are maybe slightly more common. But ‘Merry Christmas Darling’ is Christmas song that commemorates D’Artagnan’s love for his life partner and wife, and with a video shot with the two of them, on the same ice rink that saw their first date and D’Artagnan’s proposal a year later, we have a seriously sweet musical affair. 

The song’s gentle instrumentation is decidedly holiday-flavored, with bells and whistles and a jubilant vocal layering job. Perhaps the element that cuts through the most would be D’Artagnan’s own voice, with his piercing, lively vibrato, and silky caramel texture, adding sweetness to the song’s sentiment and lyrics. ‘Merry Christmas Darling’ is D’Artagnan’s ray of light on an otherwise rather bleak day, and for his spirit, we are very grateful.



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