Lisa Curran

You’ve got to take care of every detail to make a hit. The composition, the arrangement, the vocals, the lyrics, it all had to be carefully thought out and structured. But what really makes music touch people’s lives and make it memorable is when it contains a powerful message in it or a moving story behind it. Lisa Curran’s Milkshake Sky didn’t leave any of these out!

The Kerry-based rising artist has a Bmus from the Cork School of Music, is a Vocal Coach, a Music Journalist, a courageous Cancer survivor, and an autistic who’s a mom to Christopher, who is also on the autism spectrum! She exemplifies what it means to be empowered. Lisa Curran has been featured on other projects before, such as Kevin Walsh’s Embrace the World, which is an empowering anthem to spread hope and autism awareness. Her single, Milkshake Sky, was recorded years ago in London, but the producers deemed Lisa “too fat.” It’s not excluded in this field to be judged by an image when what should matter is talent. Here we are now. Lisa decided to release the single independently and amaze us with her musicianship.

“Milkshake Sky” kicks off with spectacular strings that give the intro a dreamy, cinematic ambiance. Lisa has such ethereal, layered vocals! Her voice has a calming effect on the soul with its delicate, soothing tone. The chorus is super catchy, and its dreamy vibes make you feel like you’re flying too. The single has the atmosphere of Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding’s songs combined; it’s both dramatic and vivid. The lyrics are relevant and applicable to all kinds of relationships in our lives, with their ups and downs.

Lisa Curran is undoubtedly a brilliant musician and an experienced vocalist. She doesn’t need to try to win over the listener. “Milkshake Sky” below is a great start to pave her way into our hearts.


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