Needed a Break by Nikhail Asnani


With his unique experimental approach to songwriting, UK based director/writer and songwriter Nikhail Asnani releases yet another personal journey…

Nikhail’s released previously “Let Me In” which was a story about him wanting to be accepted into the artistic community…even though this community has been tough on Nikhail.

…this time Nikhail is back with his latest single “Needed a Break”.

Once again, extending his hands for peace to be a part of that community.

Nikhail doesn’t want to do anything but to show his art, speak his words, tell his stories and expose the truth.

With “Needed a Break”, Nikhail goes with the electro-pop-synth direction.

The music is nostalgic, with some 8bit elements in the mix that elevates that nostalgic feeling.

Beats drive the song forward, along with some sound effects that are also reminiscent of the gameboy era.

The song is just above 3 minutes and tries to maintain a light music mood.

We wish all the best to Nikhail.



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