No Contest by Sounds of Defiance


All the way from Guatemala, this heavy metal band made its way internationally and left its mark from the very first single release. The band is influenced by the rich history of rock and metal genre. They incorporate different genre like indie/alternative, goth, dubstep, and others that fit with the core of the metal genre resulting in a new sound and style.

The band started in 2019 and was formed by Filo López on Bass, rhythm guitar, synths, and programming. With Julian Gardem on vocals and rhythm guitar and Jonathan Ramos, a guitar virtuoso on lead guitar and programing. The band started working on their singles and first EP in 2020 during lockdown and released the first one in 2021; “Colossal” which caused a lot of buzz internationally all the way to the USA local radio stations. By their second single release “KNIVES” the band has already formed a large fan base and stronger international recognition throughout USA, Europe, Russia, Brazil, and others. Their 5th single release is “No Contest”, it’s different parts and flavors are inspired from Metallica’s guitar style, breakbeat drums inspired from the prodigy, Alice in Chains harmony structure all wrapped in one. What caught my attention was the electronic/modern sound effects used in the vocal line and the theme of the song, which isn’t very common for metal songs, resulting in a very interesting, new sound.

The band is very distinguishing in their broad taste, rich musicality and with playing around different genres. They have a strong plan to what’s next and planning on touring soon after their major success with their singles’ releases with no intention of stopping soon.


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