No Lover by Jewellia


Incredibly stylized, it is the melody of the glamorous and summery English artist Jewellia “No Lover”, her latest piece to be released into the catalog of emerging artists in London.

“No Lover” has a rich and saturated tone that lends itself to this track becoming the perfect dance anthem, and it also has lyrical energy coming from within. The rhythm of the disco transports us between different worlds, creating an atmosphere inspired by old-school passion and a more modern soundscape. Let’s discover that this path is a bridge to the past, which is full of optimism and joy.

This track is infectious and exciting right from its inception when the massive chorus explodes in a catchy way, and the self-assured tune sets the tone for captivating, progressive pop, which grips the track and makes it sound like a love letter with true sensibility.

It also has an empowering feeling as Jewellia shares her conflicting feelings to try to reject the relationship and emphasizes that she is fine as she is now, although she feels attracted. This is shown in the chorus singing “No, I don’t need a boyfriend” and “I’ve got a million problems and you’re not one of them.”

Jewellia is a London-based singer-songwriter and producer and the track “No Lover” is announcing her comeback after a break of nearly half a year, packed with modern-day pop oomph and the artist’s unique charisma and personality, and is part of her upcoming music album, “Strong in My Way”.

Jewelia’s music is a mixture of fairy tales shaped by piano beats and indie pop, surrounded by a subtle undercurrent of nostalgia, so it’s sure to resonate with listeners, and “No Lover” is a great track that you can sing along to and dance with your friends to brighten your day.



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