One Day at a Time by M-Dot


M-Dot gave us a very reflective yet uplifting and almost choir-like rap tune that is filled with a raw and emotional message called ‘ One day at a time’ on the 12th of November all the way from Washington, US.  Dot is 40 years old and has a passion for making music, and for this song in particular he wanted to collaborate with Mary El who is an amazing R&B singer and songwriter who definitely gives the track a beautiful outtake with her angelic voice. Dot felt the need to make a project that is open and vulnerable, especially after the negative pandemic effect that has left us all very scared to be open like we used to be. 

With a positive note and a very direct and soft message that it’s okay to be emotionally scarred and the struggle to open up and be vulnerable after the pandemic is real, Dot really doesn’t miss us as he showers us with so much love and compassion in his lyrics, and the way of storytelling in his song. The overall sound of the song is reassuring, deep, and very realistic with the darkness of being closed off. The soundscape is a very slow-paced, bubbly R&B vibe. The musical arrangement is simple yet very powerful with a positive tone. There is a nice piano melody, xylophone, and saxophone at the back of the track. The song is light on the heart, with a very catchy hook. We really love how Dot manages to really make us feel the effects of the pandemic on our hearts and soul, you just can run away from how real it gets as you listen even more. The angelic and very strong vocals is Mary are breathtaking and hypnotic. Don’t miss this song if you want to relate to something as heavy as how the pandemic left us all feeling. And in the end, the message is that there is a bright side to look at after all.


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