Plot Twist by Sarah Anne Fernandez


After her dark and emotional-themed single, “Nightmare,” the emerging star Sarah Anne Fernandez is offering us a pinky, energetic single filled with love and life, titled “Plot Twist.” Get ready for positive, romantic vibes wrapped up with impressive musicianship.

The first plot twist here is that Sarah Anne Fernandez is just getting started! The up-and-coming talented musician hasn’t been in the music scene for so long, yet her skills say otherwise! She’ll captivate you with her powerful yet silky vocals and uplift your spirit with her sound.

“Plot Twist” kicks off with a bouncy beat to set a bombastic atmosphere right from the start. Once Sarah’s vocals make an entrance, you’ll be seamlessly hooked! She has a knack for telling stories through her singing. It’s not just about how the lyrics are poetically and alluringly written; it’s about how she sings them like a siren.

The song is about the kind of love many of us wish to have—the unplanned one. You know that fancy of someone appearing in thin air in the most unexpected moment and being the best thing ever happening to you? That’s what Sarah nailed capturing. Not only through the story but also through the upbeat musicality. The melody sounds like the goosebumps and butterflies one gets when overwhelmed with affectionate sentiments.

Sarah Anne Fernandez is an artist you should keep an eye on, and “Plot Twist” below is enough evidence of why to do so. You’ll need to add this one to the top of your Pop list.


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