Ritual by Tana

Michelle Devits (artwork and photo)

Ritual contains the secret recipe of manifesting your inner boss. It’s an upbeat song with an attitude that claims authority through both the lyrics and beat.

“In this song, I talk about claiming authority, wealth, and success in first person as if its already mine, which is exactly what we should all be doing: speaking things into existence, and training our minds to subconsciously practice these things”. –Tana.

Originally half Italian, half Nigerian, Tana is an emerging Pop/R&B artist from London. Tana is an artist and songwriter with a unique flair for lyrics and melody. 

She has recently signed her song ‘Savage’ to Sony US and Babygrande records. Her work has been championed by Sean Kingston on Instagram, played on BBC introducing, and featured in numerous publications and writing for artists such as ‘Jike Junyi’.

Ritual’s lyrics were thought-provoking metaphors of greatness. Her vocal energy is edgy and modern. The melodies accompanying it are rich, creative, and engaging. Plus, the cherry on top is how the digital effects strike and really enhance the song.

In conclusion, Tana’s music is unapologeticcally liberating, and she places diversity at heart. Talking about wanting all the finer things in life and manifesting it through what sounds like a ’mantra’, wanting it all never sounded so good.

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas


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