Roller Coaster by Caleb Cascio

Patty Duffey Photography

It seems that Caleb Cascio gave up being alone “On Mars” with his guitar in 2020, and went down to earth with reassuring words to sing “You’re Not Alone” in 2021, and then this year assures us that life is like “Roller Coaster” and that his life-like sweetheart represents all he needs, her laughs, his whispers and her smiles for him.

Caleb enjoys writing about friendship, love, and social entertainment. “On Mars” was the song about relaxing on Mars with a guitar, and wishing he would be his best friend with him to participate in a space marvel. The song “You’re Not Alone” during quarantine to let his friends know that they are not alone and have a support network with one click or a phone call. The song’s lyrics provided comfort and reassurance at a time when people’s lives were in turmoil.

Patty Duffey Photography

“Roller Coaster” can sum up Caleb Cascio’s track, by changing the bright tone of his voice, energetic percussion, and different guitar pitches. Caleb’s pop vocals this time drew from the bright layers of dynamically charged instruments behind to feel the rush of love through the thrill of a musical rollercoaster ride.

Caleb created his song based on the ups and downs of acne, breaking many of the songs around the theme of love, and all that comes with it, providing a refined acoustic experience that leans toward the positive aspects of unpredictability in relationships. Rather than the overly bleak sentiments often associated with love-pop songs, “Roller Coaster” is about accepting that there can be ups and downs in love, but don’t let it stop you from expressing that love.

Boston-based singer-songwriter Caleb Cascio is always ready to deliver. His baritone vocals, with a sudden falsetto flair, complement his sentimental ballads and pop ensembles. Try to listen and enjoy with him.


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