Rotten Lemons by EDIZON


One of the best ways to convey a story is through music, and stories that are based on personal experience are the most compelling and soul-stirring. This is one of the reasons why the Finland-based artist Edizon makes distinct pieces of art; he tells sincere stories through his mind-blowing complex compositions, uplifting yet dramatic beats, charismatic vocal delivery, and polished production. You can easily spot all these quality components in his latest flawless song, “Rotten Lemons.”

“Rotten Lemons” is an extraordinary musical masterpiece about one of the most ordinary topics. It’s another song about the aftermath of a relationship, so the theme is familiar because it’s a situation many musicians made songs and full albums about, and the listeners lived the experience at least once. What makes it stand out? Well, Edizon’s music sounds and feels nothing like the repetitive songs out there. Also, the relatable story makes you connect on a deeper level, and storytelling flows smoothly.

Right from the intro, the door of a mystic realm opens, and you’re invited to an adventure of a lifetime. Once the vocal line enters, it demonstrates and captures your full attention. It demands that you hear the story and go through an emotional bumpy road where you stumble upon pain, anguish, felicity, self-awareness, and resurrection.

The synth and percussion, along with the dynamic beats, make you instantly vibe in. The sound is epic and sophisticated, but you’ll enjoy your time and groove. So whatever mood you’re in, Rotten Lemons” will provide you with dark and bright sentiments at the same time.

The sonic landscape makes you explore different dimensions with every step of the journey. Rap and EDM blend smoothly, a versatile vocal performance is offered with ease, and instrumental wonders will mesmerize your ears and soul. You’ll be immersed in each verse, eager to know the rest of the story, addicted to the raw, confident voice, astonished by the layered textures, and admiring the dope production.

This is an intense yet euphoric 5-minute journey; once it gets started, you’ll want not to get back. In this case, you can hit the repeat button and stay in Edizon’s unique realm for as long as you need.