Say Less by Poshbwoy


We’ve all lived through a tough period when COVID-19 took over and missed out on our lives. It’s not the safest time right now either, but we’re coping and trying to refresh and make a strong comeback. Poshbwoy’s “Say Less” is surely saying more about bouncing back to a successful setting through his dope beats.

Emerging from London, Poshbwoy, the hip-hop artist, along with Ikon Studios (DJ Ironik) is presenting a say-less-dance-more single with an energetic and encouraging dose. “Say Less” has a vivid enough vibe to wipe out any negative ones in your day.

Kicking strong with the jumpy, dynamic beats. The entire atmosphere entices you to shake your body and shake out any bad vibes and jump into a good mood. Poshbwoy’s vocals are as vibrant as the rhythm, and his melodic timbre smoothly aligns with the soft melody.

The song fits nicely at parties where you rave it up, on car rides, and at solo room parties, as it’s an obvious celebration of life, achievements, and blessings. The lyrics are full of confidence, hope, dreams, and gratitude.

The talented rapper, Poshbwoy, has already drawn attention to himself through his previous singles, such as “All Mine.” But now it’s “Say Less” turn to get you hooked and craving for more.


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