Say What You Want by The Passing Sages


0The Passing Sages’ latest offering is a piece of dynamic and momentous funk-pop that brings back memories of classics, while staying truly a thing of its own, packed with immense entertainment value. 

The Passing Sages are a six-piece funk and pop outfit that hails from Fife, Scotland. Being a group of six players, their songs are expectedly rich and densely arranged, with an ensemble of instruments. Say What You Want is a characterful, melodic, and dashing piece of funk-pop that calls to mind the infectious and lush grooves of CHIC. 

The modest composition of Say What You Want provides vast space for the instruments to lose their minds, and in this space, we find an air-tight rhythm section, where the drums are holding an impeccable groove while the dynamic and melodic bass line is consistently in funky, boomy motion. The multi-phase structure of the song features instrumentals, hooks, and verses where the rest of the instruments take turns in populating and vitalizing, most chief among them are the characterful rhythm guitar, solidly played and with a delicious hint of overdrive, and the charismatic vocal presence of Holly Clark whose performance shape shifts from the understated to the extravagant, utterly unnoticeably, a hallmark of a brilliant singer. 

Say What You Want is an infectious and energizing piece of immaculately written, performed, and produced funk that brings massive value to the table and shows, quite elegantly, that funk still got a lot more to give.


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