Sober by Alex Kate

Aidan Tobias

Artist and songwriter Alex Kate based in Norwich, UK, released a beautiful and captivating synth-pop song called ‘Sober’, an extract from a real-life situation that will grab your attention as soon as you hear it. Skillful in storytelling and manifesting her experience through musical energy, Alex really hits that sweet spot in your heart with this song. Kate released this song on the 24th of February, after the high success of her EP “Rebel for love”.

Inspired by an incident during a weekend in some wine farms, Alex is describing what it’s like to want to get closer to somebody you like while you’re drunk. She knows that such incidents don’t last long, and writes about this special circumstance with passion and much realness. The overall sound of the song is like a heavenly pop vibe with lots of pop positivity and a call for an open heart. The musical arrangement is rich with synth sound effects, and a pop soundscape that makes this song easily a radio hit. You’ve got a piano and church bell sound effect mixed into one for the intense melody, subtle electric guitar groove, magical sound effects that make you feel like you’re spiraling, and a hard, one-strike drum. The song is relatively medium-paced and lets you soak in the imagery of the lyrics and vibe. Kate’s vocals are strong, and passionate and can go to very high levels in pitch easily. Add this song to your playlist for a fun pop ride.