Space from You by Liv Charette

Ford Fairchild

When we get tired of life and just want to be left alone, we tend to build walls to surround us. Nevertheless, comes the chance to meet someone through the brick we didn’t place, and they make us want to let down our guard, open a door and be alone together. Liv Charette totally gets this scenario and portrays it in her latest single, “Space From You.”

The Canadian-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Liv Charette, is changing her known color and trying on a new one in “Space From You.” As in her previous releases, she offers powerful performances rather than the dulcet, affectionate vocals in this lighthearted love-pop output.

Sparkling synths, euphonic beats, and ethereal, soulful vocals serve as the foundation of “Space From You.” It was easy to tell that this soft vocal line is a dressing for a layered wide range of tones, and after taking a tour of Liv’s previous releases and TiktoK’s one-word singing challenge, my theory has been proved. What a talent!

Liv presents the spark in a relationship through all of the elements in the song, and the shiny production highlights this spark. The poetic lyrics smoothly narrate how someone who needed space from everything could gladly share this made-for-one space with their significant other.

It doesn’t matter whether you relate or not; you’ll find yourself delving into the dreamy atmosphere, charmed by Liv’s velvety, airy voice, and vibing in with the vibrant rhythms. 



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