Summer In The Morning by Rob Lea

Ben Hesketh

For a person who hates the summer’s heat, ‘Summer in the Morning’ was pretty much favorable though!

Rob lea’s latest single is a pure pop classic after releasing his debut ‘Reflection’ in April 2022.

The track begins with a mono singing as if you just woke up and curtains are still blocking the sunshine from your room, but once you open the curtains up Rob Lea inspires color and delight into your vibe and stretches you out of the stressful, sweaty kind of summer.

Summer in the Morning’ feels like a fresh mojito next to your ears, it freshens the hot breeze, and using melodic whistling and soft keyboards elucidate the claimed vibe even more.  A track that should be played on the radio, in a morning show, or something.

The track has fine-tuned guitar chords that emerged with the astonishing, flexible vocals of Rob Lee where he jumps from high keys to low ones in a cosmic ballet, specifically the transmission from the intro into the reggae-pop rhythm of the track. 

The lyrics impose the seasonal kind of vibe, using playful themed words like pool, weekend, and sunshine.

This track will definitely go with me on the beach, especially since I’m reviewing this track while heading to spend a summer vacation, coincidence? I doubt that. 

Summer in the Morning’ is a morning fuel and a radio morning show kind of tune, the adequate tune you would love to hear first thing in the morning when the sun is heating our planet but you’re just enjoying its shine light-hearted with excitement over your cheeks.

Enjoy listening to the track while enjoying your summer!

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