Summer Wagon by Alex Kate


Preparing for her upcoming EP “Rebel for Love”, British singer/songwriter Alex Kate decided to give us the new summer anthem “Summer Wagon”. After the success of her cover of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac and her song “One Plus One” spread on TikTok, Alex Kate teamed up with producer Jorgan Manke to record “Summer Wagon” by the sea in Norway with guests Arne Bekkeheien (drums), Orjan Kjos (Bass), and Geir Arne Pedersen (guitars) released as the 2nd single off her upcoming EP that’ll be out on 14th of October, 2022.

“Summer Wagon” is a colorful song that felt like driving toward a lazy sunset with a hot air breeze blowing. Alex Kate’s cheerful warm vocals with overlapping vocal melodies created a bright, colorful mood, and the guitar melody, tone, and drums all matched the song’s playful mood channeling some upbeat high spirits. It has a nice structure with soft dynamics and a classic mid-section that created a resting point before it built up back to its energetic mood. All are produced neatly capturing the most suitable sound.

“Summer Wagon” is the new sweet summer anthem that’ll get you hyped and chilling at the same time this summer. Alex Kate’s vocals will give you the warm breeze needed in this hot summer with some fluid cheerful melodies that’ll boost your spirit. She’ll be hosting an EP launching party at St. Peter’s in Notting Hill, London on the 14th of October, if you’re in London don’t miss this out. Cheers!



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