Sweet Touch by Trevour Amunga

Santiago Dias

It only takes the first 30 seconds of “Sweet Touch” to be drawn into its smooth, soft guitar and sonic crooning. This single is the latest release by the up-and-coming US rapper Trevour Amunga, an indie alternative R&B accompanied by hints of pop and sweet lyrics.

For Amunga, music is an outlet for life that helps him cope and complete his daily walk. In “Sweet Touch” he shares his feeling: “This world could’ve been more polite, an impression that it’s left on me disturbs my mind.”

The artist transitions seamlessly after the opening guitar notes to a rather odd melody, revealing a unique melodic movement of a multi-dimensional soundscape and dynamic vocal performance in the exquisite hook and beat of hip-hop, transforming it into a magical experience with its easy lyrics and simple melody.

The song features a soft, calm ambiance that shows the interaction and fusion of musical elements together that will leave the phrase “Sweet Touch, Sweet Touch, Sweet Touch, you have convened me I’m real” in your head.

The lyrics of the song have a different flavor, as it is a combination that carries meanings of mystery and passion, which opens the horizon for you to link it to any situation.

“Sweet Touch” is a nice experience through which you can discover Trevour Amunga. He is a talented rapper from Los Angeles with a different style of trap, hip-hop, and beat-up. So check his music out.



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