Thank U by Greg Bounce


Artist Greg Bounce based in Lisbon, Portugal found it so easy to get inspired to write songs again by the creative nature of the city since moving in 2020 and decided to bless us with new music releases, with the most recent, ‘ Thank u’, a rhapsodic composition of dream pop on 22 November. 

This acclaimed single will transport you to a place of open skies and endless gratefulness. The whole creation makes you get in touch with the purity of the heart and soul of Greg. The overall sound of the song is uplifting and spiritual in a modern way. Its the vocal texture and choice of instruments and sound that makes this song distinct from any other kind of soul-speaking music. It’s like somebody is telling you everything is going to be fine, and there is much to appreciate about living a broken experience, and that’s what Greg wanted to achieve.

The soundscape is ethereal and airy, with soft violin, a single drum instrument limiting drama, piano sound effects, and peaceful cymbals. Although we would’ve loved to hear more heartfelt lyrics so we could’ve delved deeper into the raw experience of Greg’s emotional state that made him produce this piece in the first place, the beautiful mashup of vocals that are layered gives a fantastic texture to the song that makes it so good.  You can’t miss this one.