The Ritual by Benjamin Corson

Benjamin Corson

Strangeness is the magical word that the New York-based musician Benjamin Corson has used to grab our attention and turn it into an integral part of his newly released musical production “The Ritual”

The track is a vibrant scene of uneasiness and weirdness! First, your ears are tickled by the crackling sounds, then the horns shock you seconds before both the fire hissing sounds and the sudden appearance of a kid’s grunt start, leaving you with a certain feeling that all your senses are being invaded by an outstanding piece of music.

In less than one minute you are under the sway of your mind which jumps continuously to absorb this many incomprehensible components of the musical track and to understand…what is happening here?! 

Benjamin. The artist started playing guitar and got involved in the music industry when he was a 15-year-old teenager. It seems he has imbibed music in such a deep way that sensation overwhelms his unique musical language. His outstanding abilities are thought to be the thing that supported him to stand firm in the music industry today.

The 28-minute length musical piece is filled with Benjamin’s magical techniques in dissolving human voices with the gradual rising music and the interrupting notes of the bass guitar which spread a mysterious feeling in the scene, and finally, the sound effects that smoothly take over the whole scene calling listeners to silence their voices and listen to their inner noises. 

In his newest release “The Ritual” Benjamin has professionally taken his musical production to a completely different space, away from all the determinants and rituals imposed on artists in the music industry. He simply made his own vision of what the word ritual may mean, Corson created a practical application for the concept “The Ritual” instead of choosing “The Ritual” only as the track name.



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