Theatrical Pop artist Vicki Lovelee slays on anthemic single “Retaliate”


Vicki Lovelee is a Chinese Canadian alt-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Markham, Ontario. Her music combines pop with dark, dramatic sounds; fused with orchestral instrumentations.  With an eccentric and raw persona she is a combination of fierce vibrant and honest vulnerability.

An adamant champion of mental health awareness and the beauty of diversity, her latest single “Retaliate” encapsulates her artistic voice in an invitation to the pop slayers progressive world that she escorts you to with open bejeweled arms.

The single is a hypnotic alt-pop bop with hooky and dynamic production building to a triumphant crescendo.  An anthemic banger meant to remind the listener, it’s okay to have feelings, it’s okay to be affected and stand up again with retaliation for that is the human condition.

“Ugly emotions in motion, sudden explosions of feeling blue, then feeling green. Everyone around me telling me how obscene, but I don’t give a fuck”


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