Touch the sky by IV Collin


Artist IV Collin based in San Jose, US released a touching rap song called ‘Touch the sky’, on the 7th of March. Starting in 2018, Collin has 3 albums and numerous singles and makes music with the intention of releasing beats that are relatable and possibly making people feel like this music can be their life’s background and jam. This song was made as a dedication to his aunt and mom. He DJs for the specific songs by Diddy and The Police which he talks about in the first verse, and the second verse is about his journey of recovery and getting out of the wheelchair.

Charged with emotional and raw content and showing it to us through his words and choice of musical arrangements, this song is just a really chill and really moving rap song. His emotive tone and the nature of his storytelling make a great combination for a slow pace, a soul-fulfilling rap song that isn’t edgy or aggressive, but full of confidence and realness. You’ve got a really rich and cool musical arrangement, with a chill and sophisticated rap soundscape. You’ve got some sexy and synthy violin melody on a loop, subtle bass, some soft drums, and a scrunchy acoustic guitar that is also giving off the deep bass sound. The vibes are kind of mellow and definitely vulnerable. His vocals are soft singing giving off angelic vibes, and then he also starts rapping faster with some really good rhymes in his personal stories. You’ve also got some muffled electric guitar sounds and cool ad-libs. We can’t wait for even more real music from Collin.