Toxic (feat. Cole Bennett) by Chase Bennett

Nicole Cooper

Have you ever felt that you are at the wrong time or place and need to get out? So stressed that everything is weighing on your brain?

This is a powerful and relatable song for anyone who feels drained or misunderstood while pursuing a dream. 

Chase Bennett’s new song “Toxic” describes the feeling of being in any type of unhealthy environment and harmful situations that anyone can come across.

The song was initially written by Chase from his bedroom at an all-time low. He then took the version from home, sent it to a friend and had it mixed and mastered in a studio.

“I just want my music to help someone how it has helped me.” –Chase says. 

“I am influenced by daily activities and things that happen in my life. So I try to write about what I feel connected to.”

Bennett wrote the song at an all-time low. So it comes as no surprise as to why the lyrics are significant, honest, punchy, and inspiring. He has found a way to use his creativity and musical skills to describe the mental, emotional, and psychological phases of feeling drained out.

The song’s intro starts with a fade-in electric guitar solo that grabs you to the song’s mood right away.

The rhythm is solid and catchy, and the firm beat accompanies the song’s emotions. 

Finally, the song’s outro comes in with a concise electric guitar solo with rough rhythmic chords at the back.

In short, the song expresses the state of a creative artist when he goes out of his comfort zone. Or, in other words, when Chase Bennet, a tremendously skilful rapper, creates a hit!

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas


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